Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life after the BIG wet

The rivers are back to normal but the fields are full of little ponds. I was keen to see how my local spot held up after the flood. Last night a quick flick at the flood water hot spot showed no interest. Back in the car and time to check out jurassic park. The conditions were perfect, you know the nights that are so dark but the water glows and you can see everything thats going on. Jurassic park must of had A LOT of water moving around when the flood came as the amount of damage was insane. Even two weeks after the big wet there was sooooooo much water that even with waders on I couldn't get past the reeds. This left only two fishable spots which I peppered for about 2hrs. By the end the stats were 12-5-2 landed. The two landed were FAT and went hard. The 3 I lost were all to pulled hooks I need to re group after last night and the other week.

Some pics, Plus the white walker is becoming a new goto lure of late. I think its because the old eyes can see this thing even on the darkest of nights.

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