Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2013-14 Wrap

With the end of the 2013-14 season now in place its time to look back at the year that was.
The season kicked off very nicely with a cracker on the first night plus a few rats. And some say the Mini Jimma is too big for Bass. Just goes to show they will take on most things

After opening night/week things slowed down. Not on the fish side just on my time to go fishing. This year has seen me time poor due to building a new house (still building) This season I got on the water about once ever two weeks. It was hard to keep track of the Bass as they move in the system.
Still was about to pin a few good fish over the season.

Now who could forget the Bass my son caught this year. At the age of 8 this boy has under his belt Bass guys dream about. These were all caught by him and all by himself. Yep one proud Dad.

Well I have plans to take NJ to another level for next season but for now thats all Im letting on. but yes the plan is for bigger and better things. Going to try something new for the australian lure scene.
Again A BIG thankyou for your support this season and sorry its been a tough one to get lures
Cheers and keep an ear and eye out for things to come.