Friday, May 6, 2016

Re-vamped Spybait

Over the last few months the Spybait has been getting a tweak or two. The length cut cut back and the action was increased on the drop and while on the retrieve. This was also the first time adding some foil gill plates.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


A sweet little slim jerk Bream bait.

Bass Loving Nipple

The local Bass have been loving the new Reborn Nipple. A few different shots raging  from wild rivers to stocked impoundments

Coding On

Got out just after open day to chase some topwater Green Fish.
Well the story goes.

Click, Click BOOM

The Clicking Codmotion undoing this sweet water Cod

Topwater weedless

Over the years Ive been playing with different ways to create a weedless topwater lure. The side affects of the weedless design is that the hook up rate is poor. But than again you are fishing an area that you could not of fished with a standard lure set up.
This summer Ive designed a weedless lures that wiggles its way over, under and around lilly pads. It rides over the top of weed beds and best of all hooks fish, well on the pause. The set up allows the hook to hang free on the pause just waiting to pin a Bass.
Check the Facebook page for a video showing a real world hook up in thick weed.

The Nipple Re-Birth

After a few years, the Nipple has been reborn. This has been worth while. The ways of rigging are endless and the Nutterjuck Facebook page has been covering this.