Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris

For a good Mate and long time friend. These two lures are made from a log at our Bass hole. I even think we both have tripped over this log.

Bass lures from the Bass hole


Fizzing Rain

Last Friday took the New Fizz for a run. It was bucketing down but still found a liking

Monday, November 21, 2011

Marbled Squids

After fishing the rocks last week, its was clear that I need to add a sinking Stickbait. So after many hrs in the cave I tweaked the 80g floating stickbait and came up with a 160mm 100g sinking stickbait. And no I didn't just add weight. New timber was used which is painful as its so hard to cut and shape

160mm 100g Sinking Stickbait

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Field testing

Well someone has to do it so it might as well be me.

Testing the Marbled Mackerel (see below for info)
Switched back to 3/0 Owners as I found the stick swam better rigged with them. In doing so I pulled the hooks on 4 fish before this one was landed.

This is only a Rat but its the intended species. It can be only up hill from here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marbled Mackerel

Pushing the skills with this one. Took a few good will some total re-builds but she has ended SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

160mm Long
110g fully rigged
1.6mm SS through wire
5/0 NT Power swivel
10/0 Fisherman
Fisherman rings

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Something to keep your eye on

Heres a sneak peak at some new workings. As was seen in the RAW at its best post, the tweaked walker is ready.

Plus last season there was a sneak peak at the Nipple, well the Nipple has also had some tweaking and some testing will soon be done,

Keeps your eyes on here or Facebook to kept up to date.

Special Order

Well for me anyway,

The Guys at Shimano Australia have asked for some Bass Baits. Hope they enjoy them and fish them.

RAW at its best

Had a call from good mate Chris to see if I was in for a Bass fish. "yep, but ill have to be late. Ill put the kids to bed, give the wife a good bye kiss and ill meet you there"
A quick re rig only to find out that Ive got no lures ready. A few night before I lost 7 lures to the tree gods who now have a Christmas tree with Nutterjuck lures hanging from it.

So RAW it is. Cut, and screw, thats all I had time for. No paint and no glue, just RAW

This was a good chance to also test a new idea out. Assist hook (the one used for jigging) rigged surface walker. Well to cut a long story and theory short lets just say ITS A WINNER. Just need to tweak the lure as its funny how much the action changes without hooks and rings. Assist hooks have no weight in them.  Anyway watch this spot or our Facebook page to see how things progress.