Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catch ups

These have been in the pipe line for a very long time. Anyway finished them today and will be posted tomorrow
Red head sinking stickbait

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ian Millers Pack Freak

As many already know I got Ian Miller to build a custom pack rod for me. The requirements were.
Under 6ft total length
line 2-4kg
leader upto 20lb (helps with guide sizing)
Reel 1000 size shimano
Minimal simple looking

Ian came back with a list of a few blanks and the stats some sounded good other didnt (more trout rods in Ian words)

Over a few months of this and that a rod lands at my door step. WOW

This is a TRUE BASS PACK ROD, not a noodle like some 4pc rods. It has some tip but a heap of grunt to pull our bronze friends from the danger zone.
Ian sent me the reel seat to Marble the same way I do some lures. This was not a easy task but came out sweet if I do say so.

So how does it fish???????????????
Last night was the first chance to get out and give it a good testing. The conditions were just the way I like it. Rain, 30nts of wind and the Bar dropping.

Ended the night with close to 13 fish between Chris and I with some crackers.