Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Highs and Lows of 12-13 Bass season

Its that time of year that we all look back at the season that was.
This season started with a cracking high that very quickly became a low that was sooooooo hard to recover from. Opening morning well within minutes of open season I found myself connected to and landing the so called fish of a life time, the UNICORN. But as the story goes with great highs comes great low. The brag matt was stuck together.

This stuff up took a lot out of me but I got back on the horse and kept searching. Things were slow after that night with only one good fish coming each night. These photos are of fish that came over a few week period. Chris and I would fish at least 2 nights a week and sometimes 3.

After the first month the size of fish started to drop plus the pressure on the system was becoming sooooooooooooo crazy. Chris and I were forced to look else where and this was a game changer for us.

With the new found land and the results it was time to introduce my young bloke to the world of night time Bassing. First was a few day trips so he could get his feel, than a night trip. To say I was a proud Dad would be an understatement. At one stage he made a lure than went and caught a BEAST on it.

Than the Floods came. As quick as they came they went. The local systems would not hold the water this time around and I think it had lots to do with the size of the tides when the floods came. We still found fish but not the number in the past years.

Also this year sore some new prototypes come and go. Yes most caught fish but were scraped for different reasons

Towards the end of the season things changed quickly and with a good flood in the month of May had most Bass on there way. We still fish high in the system and pulled a few doing things different. Fly fishing being one and using Cod size lures was another.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May the Cods be with you

May has really turned on the topwater Cod fishing.

Below is a selection of pics from customers braving the cold and reaping the rewards. Micks 105cm Cod just a week after his 102cm Cod. Both taken on the White Ghost Codmotion.

Jonathan Getting in on the action with a few Cod than stepping things up by upping his PB with a super sweetwater Cod taken on his White Ghost Codmotion

Monday, May 6, 2013