Monday, December 12, 2011

One Year Down

WOW its been a year since we started making lures again. After about a 10yr break the itch needed to be scratched. Things have come along way in the last year. The raw prototypes moved and got tweaked as the year progressed

Wake Bait- Prototype, Full flocked than Full gloss paint as the year went on

The Walkers got tweaked, tweaked and tweaked some more. Starting with poly bibs than moved to ally, Fully flocked to full gloss paint jobs. Lets not forget the final tweak which will become its own branch in the year to come, the tweaked Walker to run a assist hook 

The Stickbaits changed over the year with some ups and downs with them. The amount of work, time and research that goes into them is insane. To start with the 220mm Stick was introduced than latter in the year the 160mm Stick and just last month the Sinking 160mm Stick. 

Mid year the Marble finish was released and was taken on by many of our customers. Bass Baits and Stickbaits got marbled.

Along the way the old grey matter was running overtime with many sleepless nights. Some ideas were good and some not so good. Lots of prototype were made and tested with some outstanding results. Some were put into the production line while others were left to be tweaked in the future. The Fizzer, Pop/slider and Native Diver were released 

So with all these lures there were some fish to go with them. Heres some pics of fish caught over the year

For a good friend that has had to put up with the crap ideas and theories I come up with. These lures were made from a log that I found at our Bass fishing spot. So what better Birthday gift than a set of lures made from a log at your Bass hole.

One year down and Nutterjuck Lures would like to thank you all for your support in the first year. Keep your eyes open as you many find a Nutterjuck lure somewhere you least expect it. I know that I have lost a few over the last year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marbled GT

This GT was MARBLED by the Nutterjuck

Than a Shark was Marbled. Well the story goes they hooked another GT and in the final stage the hooks pulled and ended in the shark. 

End result 3 GTs got marbled and the Shark got sooooooooooooo Marbled it took it home

Stickbaits ready for release

The following stickbaits are ready for release. They are $55 Aus posted anywhere in Australia.
Email us the number you are after