Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Bass Baits

Breaking news,

Nutterjuck has released a new Bass Bait (WALKER) and two new colour combos. The Walker will mix it up with the Joined Walker to other anglers two sizes for the Walker style of lure. All walker now come with the new ally bib that gives off the sound that Bass just love. You have seen the pics over the testing period now check the lures out.

New colours to the range are Black Scale and Old Mate (this lure will be a hit with those that aren't getting any younger)

Bass bait range, length and weight

Wake Bait- 45mm 9g
Walker- 45mm (body) 55mm overall length, 7g
Joined Walker 70mm (body) 80mm overall length, 11g

Colours - White Ghost - Black Scale - Old Mate - Black Knight

Monday, May 9, 2011


The other night we got out to do some testing of a new walker and to run the new tweaked walker. Both lures were the bomb on a new waterway. The Bass that we encountered were FOOTBALLS.

We hope to have the new lures ready for release latter this week. Keep your eyes out