Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Five OH

What a cracker of a Bass. Jacko had never caught a Bass before this day. In the morning he caught a few on a large north coast system. Latter that night while using a Nutterjuck Walker he pulls a fish of a life time.

55cm of pure wild north coast Bass. Well done Jacko

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nutterjuck shirts

Well the prototype arrived the other day so the only way to fully test something is to get out and use it

It didnt take long to catch the fist Bass and use the arm rule. Zero at the hand 500 up near the shoulder. Its a case of, quick measure on the arm, than back in the water. Its a quick rough guide but if a Bass looks the good, the brag matt will come out.

After this fish a good Bass found the new Matt Black Walker

And to sum up the night, well lets let the new shirt do the talking

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Codmotion making its mark

With in a week the Codmotion has been doing its job. Below is a couple of the first captures of Murray Cod.

Richard Leaver with his PB Cod

Mick Haines Got the first Cod on the new Codmaotion within hours of getting his lure. Mick won the Codmotion comp for his effort. Well done Mate.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Codmotion intro Comp

To kick off the new lure I will be running a comp.
Post pic on the Nutterjuck Facebook page.
Winner will receive a Codmotion lure for every 10cm of Cod. Yep catch a 40cm Cod get 4 lures, Get a 85cm Cod and get 8 lures. BUT you need to be the first person to post a pic. Two photos required, one of you holding the fish and the other on a bragmat. The Codmotion lure needs to be in BOTH PHOTOS.
So order your lure, be the first to catch and post a pic and WIN
Codmotion will retail for $22 + post ($5 in Australia)

As a intro and special the first batch of lures will be sold for $20 + free post in Australia.