Friday, October 28, 2011

Marbled Divers

Some Marbled divers that will be mixing it at Windamere NSW, the home of BIG Yellas

Body- 45mm
Overall- 80mm
Weight- 10g

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The cave has been rumbling

Can only mean one thing. Yep more lures soon to be released


Last night was the night of the Fat Pig. Good Mate Chris got detonated by a beast. This is the second time he has tied on a NJ Walker. This may shock some as we fish heaps together but we alway try and have a 'LURE OFF' thingy. Plus its good to see if the NJ's hold there only against some well know Baits. The first time Chris used a Walker ended in tears, for him anyway. He got dusted in a big way by a Bass that showed no love for him or his tackle.

Last night it took two cranks of the handle on his first cast to pull this FAT PIG

I was lucky to hold my own latter in the night but nothing compared to Chris's fish. These two also like the Walker.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Testing a new proto type

Been playing around with a diver design for the last few weeks (see above)
BUT this wakebait is a byproduct from the divers design.

1st cast was RRRRRRRRRRRR, not the action I was looking for. 3 cast latter this Pig jumped all over it. Sometimes what we think is a good/bad action is not what the Bass think. Still going to do some tweaking.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nutterjuck first 50cm Bass

The other night the Facebook page stated that

'Nutterjuck rule'

This got my attention. A few hrs latter the pics told the story. Rob Barrett pinned the first trophy Bass on a Nutterjuck Wake Bait. In fact Rob only got his lures a few hours earlier and was out testing them to see what the action was like. 8 fish latter and a cracker on the last cast for the night. What a way to test a new lure.

Heres some pics, Thanks Rob for the feedback and pics.

50cm of pure South Coast Auss Bass

Monday, October 3, 2011


Been playing around with some marbling of stick baits. Loving the look you get as its a lucky dip on what the finished product will be like. Gives the lure that unique/individual look.

First real fish for the season

It was not text book condition, 40km + wind, rain on the hills and a low pressure system that should of shut down the fish. The Black winged walker did the trick. Need to get back for some more

The last pic looks like Im hooked, well I am hooked. Hooked on topwater luring for Bass. SWEEEEEEEEEET